Turn your mom's superpowers
into a flexible profession

1 out of 5 women exits the workforce after maternity

It’s called the “Motherhood Penalty” and reflects the extreme difficulty mothers face in staying in the workforce due to the work-life balance challenge.

Recent international studies suggest that motherhood is a unique form of informal learning seamlessly integrated into a woman’s lifelong learning journey rather than being a “gap” in the curriculum.

Leveraging your "mommy" talents

Skills like time and stress management, empathy, communication, multitasking, and problem-solving, are some of the soft skills, inherent in motherhood, that can be valued and practically applied in alternative work contexts, such as those offered by the digital industry.

The EU-funded project MAV wants to promote free access for new mothers (0-6 years old) to an up-skill and re-skill training program focused on emphasizing the application of motherhood’s superpowers in the field of new digital professions, such as that of a Virtual Assistant.

Motherhood is not a gap in the CV

With the support of Erasmus+ funds, we want to support newmothers to re-enter or remain in the workforce. After the first phase of research on international best practices and testimonies, a group of new mothers from the project’s partner countries (Italy, Spain, and Belgium) will be able to access an innovative training course, 100% free and online, composed of three main areas:


Applying the inherent cross-cutting skills of motherhood in managing digital communication projects for small and medium-sized enterprises (time management, empathetic communication, relational skills, multitasking, and problem-solving).


Managing the digital presence and development of a brand through an effective and efficient multichannel strategy (data entry for websites/e-commerce, creative SEO copywriting, social media management, storytelling).


Launching a career as a Virtual Assistant for local SMEs and becoming entrepreneurs (technical, legal, and tax aspects for starting a business and customer engagement strategies).